Bringing in the Sheaves

Evangelist Keith Greer from Harrodsburg Church of Christ told the story of his missionary work in the Philippines. He shared with wonderful pictures and details of how he baptized 163 people, visited 30 congregations, spoke over 50 times, and bought over 2,865 Bibles for the country.

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The Rest of the Easter Story

Following the Holy Week services, Harrodsburg Health and Rehab held a Good Friday service at the home with St. Andrews Catholic Church, and a Easter Eggs-travaganza candy and egg hunt that Saturday. Finally, we conducted a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday morning. All-in-all it was a great time of worship.

3rd Annual Holy Week Outings

For Holy Week we took a bus ride every day to the local Holy Week Community Service at Harrodsburg Christian Church. Every year we are privileged to attend a service where multiple churches join in one accord to celebrate the upcoming Easter celebration. What a great fellowship!

Sunday Outing


A BIG thanks and blessings to Shawnee Run Baptist Church who brought their bus out to the home this past Sunday and picked us up for church. We had a Spiritual time and are already looking forward to next time!

Ash Wednesday Service

Fr. Peter from St. Philips blessed the facility on Ash Wednesday.
May you have a wonderful season of Lent!

Morning Choir

The faithful ladies of Harrodsburg Church of Christ serenaded a room full of residents and others with several great hymns of faith. We love it when song and laughter fill the halls, so please arrange to share your talents with us here at the facility, too.


Sharing the Word

We give a Great and Unanimous thank you to Harrodsburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church for their very gracious donation of 20+ Super Large Print Bibles. We have elders that haven’t been able to read the Word themselves because of the smaller print, but now are super excited to be back in action and reading again! This is also a huge blessing to our Bible Study group, which meets often.


We have been missing church lately because of our renovations, however with the newly remodeled front lobby we are able to meet again. Greg Warren from Carpenter’s Christian Church blessed us with a good and reviving service to get our services started off again in a great way. We really appreciate Carpenter’s and all of our local churches!

A Holy Week and Grand Finale Easter

We had a very spiritual week that climaxed on Easter Sunday. We traveled every day of Holy Week to our local church for services. Further, on Good Friday, we celebrated the Stations of the Cross with St. Andrews. Finally, we had a great Easter Sunday service with the highlight event, four baptisms–one resident, one resident’s spouse, and two employees dedicated their lives to the Lord. What a blessed week.