Celebrating Nurses Week

Amanda came to work at Harrodsburg Health and Rehab just after passing her nursing boards. When asked what she loves about working at Harrodsburg Health and Rehab she says, “The hometown feel, everyone knows everyone, I get to take care of people I know, the friendship, compassion and morale.”

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Mother Mary

At Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation, we refer to this gem as our “Mother Mary” She is like a Mother to us all and she don’t mind to tell it to us like a Mother does. We enjoy her humor, her passion and her service to our facility. When asked what the biggest change she has seen in her career as a nurse she says, “These darn Computers” Being a nurse for over 55 years there has been many changes in the nursing industry during her tenure. We have been blessed to have Mary caring for our residents for over 20 years at Harrodsburg Health and Rehab. Happy Nurses Week, Mary!

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Congrats to our Newest Nurse

Kayleigh Buckwald has been a CNA here at Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation for three years as she worked her way through nursing school. She just recently graduated with her nursing degree. Kayleigh said her daughter was her inspiration on going through the nursing program. Congratulations and we wish you the best of luck on your nursing boards, Kayleigh!

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The Start of Becoming a Nurse

Today students and instructors from the local technical college are here getting their clinical hours for the nursing program at Mercer and Anderson County High schools. We were able to grab a few of the students today and ask them a few questions about their desire to be a nurse.

Katherine Reed, a Senior and Anderson County High School said she was inspired to be a nurse by her instructor Tasha Kelty. After graduation she plans to go on to college to get her RN and work as an ICU nurse.

Shelby Heightched, a Senior at Anderson County High School is following in her Mother and Sister’s footsteps in her journey to become an RN. After receiving her degree she wants to work as a surgical nurse.

Stakeholder Spotlight: Nurse Lisa

Recently Lisa just became an RN after working as a LPN for a few years. When asked what made her decide to go back to get her RN she said, “I wanted to continue my education so that I had more opportunities to advance my career.”

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Spring Day

Winter has been long and cold, so it is time to burst out of the facility. We enjoyed a delicious bbq cookout at Old Fort Harrod. Then we finished it off with a little swinging and playground playin’ .